Trump’s travel ban and the failure of Healthcare Bill

There are so much I want to touch upon but I have so little space. After watching Paul Ryan’s speech on the healthcare bill showdown, I summarized the following information from his speech:

  • the growing pain moving from an opposition party to a governing party
    • going against things is easy
    • we weren’t just quite there today, we will get there but not today
  • are all of us are willing to give a little to get something done
  • are we going to say yes, it’s good, it’s very good, even it is not a perfect
  • the worst of yet to come with Obama care - TAXATION? EFFICIENCY?
    • the coming premium increases
    •  a law that is collapsing
  • the architects of Obamacare - x see the long-term future of the collapsing and damages Obamacare is going to do with the Act
  • to deliver our promises
  • the fundamental flaw
  •  x want to cast a blame
  •  Living with the Obama Care for the foreseeable future
  • Secure the border, rebuild the military, deficit under control, tax reform, infrastructure
  • Other parts of agenda that have more agree on
  • This bill would have to make Phase II much better
    • Reinsure the risk sharing pool

Above all the other claims, he mentioned the “growing pain,” moving from the opposition party to the governing party. It is a rather common human society problem casting in the democratic party system - how to get people agree upon one thing.

CNN summarized and tracked the promises that Trump made during his campaign. It is very clear from the website to see the process of all the claims and promises he made. With the showdown of the health care bill he called upon, he failed his initial attempt to repeal and revise the Obamacare Act.

In addition to the challenges he faces towards further reform/revise of the healthcare system in the States, what’s more important is how he and Republicans are going to carry over the tax cut in the future.